the method of telangana: some stalinism, some hindutva

it was said, when stalin stopped talking at any public event, you were not supposed to stop clapping. you're not supposed to stop clapping, ever. not until the guy beside you has stopped, who of course will only stop when the guy on his other side has stopped, and so on. we seem to be slowly but steadily moving towards the emergence of a similar oppressive environment in telangana.

nallamotu chakravarthy's crime was to write that it was okay not to clap, to argue that there are enough reasons not to clap, even.

we've the hindutva gangs-- rss, vhp, bajrang dal, ram sene etc-- on one side. and you think- and this is what the so-called 'liberal' mainstream media tries to project-- the maoists and random movements based around 'cultural sentiments' or 'aspirations' like the telangana separatist movement on the other side. that their methods and goals are different. are they really on the other side? both of them use sheer muscle, many times, to put forth their points of view. and to throttle dissenting voices. in the recent by-elections in telangana, everyone of the main contestants, in every constituency, were assigned a posse of nine gunmen each in the north telangana constituencies by the election commission. everyone, except the trs and bjp candidates needed them. why? because the maoists support separation and consider the trs an ally. and an ally's ally is also a friend, of course. so the bjp is now one of the maoists' closest friends in telangana, i suppose. there's no other side.

so it wasn't really surprising watching on television some of the most famous 'civil rights' activists in andhra pradesh trying hard to find excuses for the separatists' intolerance on monday. if they'd tied themselves up in a few more knots, they could have produced an excellent defense for the rss' attacks on some television channels' offices a few days ago. maybe they'd someday.

as i said, there's no other side. not in the stalinist worldview of the hindutva gangs or the maoists and the numerous groupie elements clinging to them, like the shiv sena and the trs.

the goondaism of the telangana separatists at fellow blogger nallamotu chakravarthy's book launch function needs to be condemned.


ved said...

His book 'Telugu Roots - Telangana State demand - A Bhasmasura wish' presents a very eloquent summary of AP history and strong analytical proof that Telangana was better off with the formation of AP. Mt Chakrawarthy painstakingly collected many official figures to prove his theory very convincingly.

Unlike Mr Jayashankar's speculative gossip, Mr Chakrawarthy provides official source for every claim. Obviously TRS is very scared of his book being released in Telugu. So they use the only weapon they are good at using - outright physical attack against Mr Chakrawarthy.

I hope he is doing well and State govt do something to stop this terror.

SS said...

'Civil rights activists' You meant Sandhya and Professor Haragopal? Sandhya was just plain amusing. But I was really saddened to hear the prof. It isn't just the politicians, as Chakrawarthy said. Intellectuals are equally responsible. What did you think of the book, though?

Jai said...

Kufr, you are broadly right on this but I find a few inconsistencies.

Firstly the naxalites are strongly opposed to Stalin. In fact, they equated USA & USSR during the cold wardays. They used the term "social imperialism" to denounce Stalinism.

Secondly no major political group is exempt from intolerance. Witness the vitriol & scorn poured on Taslima Nasreen by MIM.

I have not read Mr. Chakravarthy but was not impressed with his style of blogging.

Kiran said...

I was generally sceptically about many Indian(esp of those who claim telangana identity) academia figures (HoD of that VC of this) ability to reason and understand basic values such as freedom of speech. This incident and subsequent reaction does nothing to reduce that skepticism.

Telangana society made up of many decent people suffering under the much celebrated hindu way of life are being nicely misleaded by t idelogues. They paved the way to a fascist hell with false allegations and false promises. And they did a good job. Is there any hope that the good people of telangana will shake off this pisachi that entered them ?

kuffir said...


i haven't read the book, only some parts that were published on his blog. yes, as ved says he took a lot of trouble to refute the facts and figures prof.jayashankar and others had produced and did an excellent job of it. but there are among elected politicians a large number of politicians who have an idea about the facts on the ground, that the separatists were twisting, misinterpreting them. what the telangana movement and the rise of political parties like the praja rajyam represent is the lack of the formulation of a new political direction, a socio-economic agenda by the existing political parties that embraces the rising aspirations of a large section of a relatively new middle class on the one hand, and recognizes the need to improve and expand the delivery of public services and social security to vast numbers of poor..these section have been a ready audience for people with magic mantras, like 'social justice'and telangana..even if the salesmen of those remedies don't have the faintest idea about what exactly they're offering. the book doesn't pay much attention to the philosophy, so to speak, of telangana.

kuffir said...


i recognize the maoists by their actions, not how they define themselves. the congress and the parivar too define themselves in politically correct terminology: i see all these parties as basically projecting a brahminical or upper caste worldview, and protecting those interests. if the active participation of the dalitbahujans in the maoist movement wasn't so high, at least among the cadres, the moral pedestal they stand on would be very shaky.

as for intolerance: there have been attacks on prominent politicians, adivasis leaders who spoke for a separate adivasi homeland, on academics and thinkers like kancha ilaiah..incidents like the burning down of muslim homes in a telangana village..one could go on..do you really think dissenting voices in any obscure village would ever be heard in an environment in which even prominent personalities have not been spared? the record of intolerance of the separatists is very long.

kuffir said...


hmm..i have noticed too many people in academia in all three regions espousing very strange ideas these days.

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