another reason why india needs manual scavengers

from ysr to kcr, most leaders' discourse in andhra pradesh has remained focussed on irrigation in the last 6 years. all the top leaders have promised, during elections, that not an acre of agricultural land in the state would run dry if they were voted to power. why? the state already produces surpluses, much more rice (the staple foodgrain) than it requires. why doesn't any political leader make the promise that no toilet in any home (or future toilet, hopefully, because a majority of homes in the state don't have toilets) in the state would run dry?

those leaders (and most of their voters) would laugh at the comparison. the brahminical rule is: among problems, like among all animate/inanimate/abstract things, there are those which are more pure.


Kiran said...

Wet latrines will "trickle down"
(and further down in to dalits homes) after the irrigation needs of "upper" caste farmers are taken care off. Off all the western theories of communism, capitalism, mercentalism, humanism the one theory that the Hindu India loves is the "trickle down" capitalism.

kuffir said...

heh.. perhaps we should call it brahminical capitalism? would seem more appropriate.

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