...and don't forget to add him to the creamy layer

if you wish to find the creamy layer, be prepared to plough through more manure than you can handle. look at the stinking department of fertilizers of the government of india: looks like all it can contribute to the fat, greedy, oppressive creamy layer is one lone obc!

one obc among among 152 group (a) and (b) officers: where did the rest of the scummy cream slip away?

but the 11 psus the department controls seem to be better skimming grounds : around 9% (2,200 individuals) of the group (a) and (b) officers working in those psus are obcs. is it because one'd have to actually handle manure at the plants instead of just thinking it up, like in the department? anyway, how many of the 200 odd central psus would have that kind of obc representation? not many, i'm sure.

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