manmohan singh on subsidies- do you really want to know what he said?

manmohan singh tells the country:
"We spend far too much money funding subsidies in the name of equity, with neither equity objective nor efficiency objective being met," he said while speaking at the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Institute of Economic Growth in New Delhi.

The Prime Minister called for more rational solutions to deal with the problems of regional imbalance and inequities in growth.
who asked him his opinion, anyway? i am sure the congress party doesn't want to know what he thinks. neither does the left. nor do karunanidhi, laloo prasad yadav, sharad pawar, ram vilas paswan and mayawati.

for the last three years, on rare occasions, at the little boys's parties (that no one really significant in the government bothers to attend) that he is allowed to go to unchaperoned, manmohan singh has made similar noises...but his minders know better. they brought in the employment guarantee act which guarantees steady incomes to village level politicians, fixers and sundry entrepreneurs, state governments like andhra pradesh and tamil nadu have issued ration cards in such generous numbers that there are significantly more ration cards in those states than families, and more money has been pumped into lossmaking psus and more money shall be paid to government and public sector employees by way of pay hikes in the near future.

i hope he shuts up. i hope his minders would stick some plaster over his foul mouth.


praveen said...

good morning Sir.

kuffir said...

welcome back, praveen.

praveen said...

I'm regularly reading (.. learning from) your blog, even during my exams :-)
It's just that I didn't have any comments.

kuffir said...

thank you for those kind words- and what exams are you talking about?

praveen said...

.. my engineering(computer science) exams. I have just written my last semester exams.

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