blogbharti spells diversity

around 1830 unique blogs/sites linked to in around an year (maybe less). through around 2,100 posts. rough estimates- but, i guess you know what those figures mean. precisely.


Jack Stephens said...

Wow. Quite extraordinary. It's blogs like blogbharti that make me wanna keep blogging and stay connected to the blogoshpere which in turn keeps me connected with the rest of humanity.

Cosmic Voices said...


I envy you guys

kuffir said...

jack/cosmic voices,

thanks for those kind words..and sorry for responding so late to your comments.

it's not just that we've reached so many bloggers- it's that we've reached so many 'nooks and corners of indian perspectives', as a reader calls it, that makes it a very satisfying first year for us.. thanks again. your support means a lot to us.

praveen said...

wish you, your family and blogbharati a very happy new year. keep writing.

kuffir said...

wish you a great new year too praveen!

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