this picture is worth a million shiv sainiks

organized sector employment in bombay in 1961 was 8,82,000. it rose to 11,82,000 by 1991. that's a statistic- now think of the abolition of the privy purses, the nationalization of banks, the green revolution, the land ceiling legislations, the five-point, twenty-point programmes to sweep away garibi. think of all the measures, schemes, policies and emergencies that were deemed necessary for ushering in socialism and making india secure for its workers. and its poor. in mumbai, india's economic capital, all those measures yielded an additional, secure, 3 lakh jobs over a thirty year period. while the population of the city nearly tripled.

now look at the chart at the beginning of this post- that picture is worth a million shiv sainiks (because it was in the sixties that the congress *first started sleeping around with the shiv sena and, simultaneously, *professing and practising socialism more vigorously than ever before). what do we see? let me draw the conclusions for you: since the sixties, most of mumbai's workforce has been progressively pushed into the insecure informal sector while most of its citizenry has been driven into an increasingly insecure sena raj.

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