sucking the world dry

'the company admits that without water it would have no business at all. coca-cola’s operations rely on access to vast supplies of water, as it takes almost three litres of water to make one litre of coca-cola. in order to satisfy this need, coca-cola is increasingly taking over control of aquifers in communities around the world. these vast subterranean chambers hold water resources collected over many hundreds of years. as such they represent the heritage of entire communities.'

no, i haven't joined the greens..yet. but i think this is a lousy trade-off. i agree we indians are a hardy race who can nonchalantly imbibe 'levels of pesticides around 30 times higher than european union standards' and burp any health concerns away..but three litres of water for one litre of coke?


Cosmic Voices said...

if they don't have water, let them drink coca-cola.

let rajeev bakshi and his coca-cola counterpart not worry. we guillotine only in rang de basanti.

Cosmic Voices said...
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Kamesh said...

Infact the quantity of water that is used to make 1 liter of coca-cola is much higher. The figure 3 (and some say its 7 litres) has actually been arrived after a study by a researcher at Coca-Cola itself. Coca-Cola has neither accepted the statement nor rejected it.

I guess its time for us to charge Coca-Cola and its cousin Pepsi Co for the water they are sucking up.

kuffir said...


'I guess its time for us to charge Coca-Cola and its cousin Pepsi Co for the water they are sucking up.'

the facts you point makes it much worse than i imagined kamesh.. 7 litres! think of all those people even in hyderabad who have to 'collect' once every two days. and there is a huge problem of potable water even in the villages in the godavari-krishna delta areas.. think of all the arid/semi desert-like regions in the country. forget charging coke/pepsi..i don't think we can afford to have them in this country. the costs are too high.

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