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'i don't want money, and i don't want hand-outs.' browsing, those lines caught my attention. the man who was saying that was the president of senegal. a very level-headed man, you'd agree, after you read this interview.

'i believe in a liberal economy and have never put much faith in the state-run economy, because it fails. i support the state, but not the state-run economy. the state should intervene only to create the conditions necessary for the private sector to thrive. i am counting on the private sector, because it is crucial to senegal's future.' i agree with that..to a great extent. indian politicians can learn a thing or two from this president.

probing more, you learn that senegal is a functioning democracy, with a vibrant, multi-party political culture. its economy is growing at more than 5% per annum for the last ten years. and no coups in the last forty five years. pakistan can learn a thing or two from senegal.


gaddeswarup said...

It seems to me that Madhukar Shukla's discussions in his new blog may be related to this (but I may be wrong):
Please see the latest posts and his reply to my queery in the previous post. He said:
"One implication to me is that the only way one can build a sustainable country/economy/ society is by tapping into the entrepreneurial potential that lies here in this neglected workforce...
... at least, that is my reason for pitching for social entrepreneurship."

kuffir said...


read the post you linked to..they're not related ..

i posted on senegal because its president seemed a straight-talking 'doer' with a clear vision. apart from that senegal, a 94% muslim country, has made enviable strides in establishing viable democratic institutions..and is growing fast as an economy after reforms in '94.

not the usual picture we have of an african, muslim nation...it doesn't have any oil..or much of other natural resources but it's doing well and is poised to do better. only because it has a working democracy..and a great degree of transparency in government.

Shivam said...


kuffir said...


that's very cryptic..

gaddeswarup said...

gives the impression that you suggested. I do not know any thing more. It would be good to know how the development took place. Thanks for the reply.

prachi said...

hi kuffir,
intresting thought...i do supprot that state should only interfere till the rules are made and seeing it has been obeyed properly...

kuffir said...


welcome..i notice that you've just started posting on your blog..welcome to the blogworld too.

Anonymous said...
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