meet the birthday boy

'you can meet him at any of his offices all over the country. he is the the man with the unctuous smile and the outstretched hand. if he's not in, you might run into him at any street corner, dressed in a uniform, waving a lathi or a gun or, once again, an outstretched hand. or if you're lucky he might call on you at your home or your workplace. that'd be the hectoring stranger with a lathi or a gun or an outstretched hand. he might be waving a bill, a notice, a warrant, an order or none of the aforementioned.

you should start worrying when it's none of the aforementioned.'

i'd written that a year ago. have things changed? or is he, the indian state, still like this :

'you'd be well advised to meet him on his own ground. say, on the piece of his land that you've occupied. he is a tough negotiator: if you don't like any of his rules, break them in his full view so that he'd respect you more. he doesn't like dishonesty and crookedness. if you plan to steal from him, tell him beforehand so that he'd know when to look the other way. he is obsessed with quality. if you build a bridge for him, and it's washed away, say, after five years, he'd expect you to build another of the same quality. he likes risktakers- if you succeed in duping him to the tune of a major fortune, he'd provide you with top class security at his own cost. the courts are his favorite playground. he'd like all his vendors to play a game or two of 'dispute' with him every once in a while.'


Cosmic Voices said...

Yet, he is our birthday boy.... the optimism in me wishes him all the best and asks him to behave well for the rest of the year

kuffir said...


what can i say? amen to that.

Cosmic Voices said...


kamesh said...

By the way who is HE Kuffir :-).

kuffir said...


the state..sarkar..government..
please read the link for the full post i had done a year earlier..

and welcome back!

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