al qaeda

what's al qaeda?

you know you're a part of it when america tells you, you are.

so what do i do when i am a part of al qaeda?

you blow yourself up. and some others along with you.

so how would you know i blew myself up ..and it wasn't someone else who blew me and others up?

because america knows others aren't part of al qaeda.

so okay.. i'm a part of al qaeda..so how would you know i blew myself and some others up ?

because al qaeda blows others up.

saddam hussain didn't blow himself up..?

he hid in a hole.


al qaeda hides in holes and caves.

i've never hidden in a hole..and have never been near a cave.

you're a sleeper - you hide among people.

and do what?

do what everyone else does.. until it's time to blow yourself up.

how would i know when ..to blow myself up?

america would issue a travel advisory on that - telling its people not to go anywhere near you because you're going to blow yourself up.

how would america know when to issue a travel advisory?

it has allies who know when you're going to blow yourself up.

how do the allies know when i am going to blow myself up?

because they know when america should issue a travel advisory.

and what if i refuse to blow myself up?

the allies would be angry because they wouldn't be able to tell america when you're going to blow yourself up.


they're going to hold you under house arrest until you agree to blow yourself up.

and what if i still refuse ?

america would be very angry because it wouldn't want its citizens to think it's so weak it can't issue even travel advisories..

and ?

the american president will warn you - you're with us or against us.


Cosmic Voices said...

Can I blow my hair? Will it be the same as blowing myself since my hair is a part of my body?

kuffir said...

do you use any hydrogen peroxide based chemicals to bleach your hair? if yes, you're definitely al qaeda :))

Cosmic Voices said...

Thanks Kuffir :-)) .. May be in addition to travel advisory, we should also be given a 'Living' advisory to let us know how to live...

Nice post... :-)

Gangadhar said...

nice post,Kuffir..very well written...
And welcome to my wordpress blog..
And regarding your comment on "kidhar"...i dint say anywhere in the post that it was happened in vijayaywada...It's Benz center...dat's it....I liked that name..and i used it....

enjoy blogging..

take care

gaddeswarup said...

Pl. see

kuffir said...


there's something wrong with the link.

gaddeswarup said...

I think that there may be some limit on the size. Last time too the end bit was cut off. This time the end bit is:
Pl. let me know how to handle it.

Anoop Saha said...

brilliant :-)
Have you read catch-22. Life is a catch-22 now for most of us.

kuffir said...

anoop saha,

thank you..yes, i've read catch-22 ..and that you should reference it now is ..inevitable in a way.. maybe, all of us have so internalised catch-22 that we ..tend to easily recognize similar kind of absurdities happening around us.

Anonymous said...
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