digging trenches, filling trenches

like i said (or made a very cynical forecast ) here, citizens who signed up for the employment guarantee scheme in a village in vizianagaram district (andhra pradesh) are filling up a tank they had dug up a year ago (for the food-for-work programme). the project director, accosted by television reporters, offered a very longwinded explanation ....and a long sheepish grin. the channel, which reported the scam, also says most of the small-time political leaders in the region are making good money from distributing 'the right to work' among select applicants/non-existent benami applicants.
also, another nosy reporter had discovered, a few weeks ago, that jobcards had been issued in the names of a lot of, not benami, but namcheen applicants in madhya pradesh. lucky applicants included some top babus in the state government, mlas, ministers and..


Mridula said...

It is the implementatio that is so botched up that I am cynical of any govt. initiative for poverty reduction.

kuffir said...

the employment guarantee act is supposed to create 'durable, productive asstets' in the villages. digging up tanks one year, and then filling them up the next year. and repeating the process again in the future.. 'creates durable asstets' i suppose. should we laugh that the state spends our money in this fasion- throwing it literally down the drain, i wonder.

Cosmic Voices said...

cant blame the govt. They just took keynes literally.

kuffir said...

welcome back..hope your exams went well.

Cosmic Voices said...

thanks, they went sufficiently well

kevinjones16432650 said...
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Subbaraju said...

Yeah 16 dimensions. For example u see....if you have a streched rubber and pulled downwards into the centre then, if we release a ball it will eventually fall into the centre. Its like some force like....due to the curvature of the two-dimensional space. And for gravtation its curvature of 4 dimensions, space-time curvature. so for manifesting all the forces they have to start with atleast 10 dimensional Universe.
Hope it makes you little bit more clear.

sasikanth said...
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sasikanth said...

I liked your blog post as always.

The media shud act as the watch dog. Now with open publishing culture of the blogs, every demeanour of the government shud be caught, the dog shud bitr it hard till the errors are undone.

anyway, I think you might find my new telugu blog interesting

kuffir said...


welcome back ! your views are appreciated. glad to know you've started a telugu blog. count on me as a regular visitor.

kuffir said...


thanks for the response. cheers!

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