good taste, 'bad woman'

she'd congratulate folks who wished to give her an award on exhibiting such good taste .when a big studio owner tried to bully her into going down on her knees and begging for compassion and forgiveness for appearing a few minutes late on the sets.. she did what some future chief ministers would never dream of doing..she walked out of the sets and the film and the studio. and built her own studio and made her own films and bullied her own ex-'heroes'. and also wrote stories in which saases and bahus were best pals.

a 5 year old draft written in bhanumathi's memory.


gaddeswarup said...

A diversion. There is an interesting version of this song by Saluri Rajeswararao (song 748)in a concert in 1981

Kiran said...

Did not get the "future chief ministers" part. Are you saying that Jagan is like Bhanumati and others in congress aren't ?

kuffir said...

swarup garu,

thanks for the link.


:) was talking of chief ministers who started out as actors.

nomes said...

hi kuffir, if you recall a few years ago you linked to my post on land in hyderabad. i've been following your blog since. send me an email (noaman.ali [at] gmail.com) please.

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