What does Dr.Ambedkar say about the Bhagvat Gita?

As the court in the Siberian town of Tomsk deliberates on whether the Bhagvat Gita is 'extremist' literature, the Indian government and parliament seem to have forgotten their own sanctimonious injunction of 'non-inteference in the internal affairs of other countries' (used traditionally to defend such obnoxious pratices as 'untouchability' and 'caste discrimination') to pressurise the Russian goverment to subvert due legal process and somehow persuade the Tomskians to find the Gita non-extremist. And as expected, Indian mainstream media, which has often gone to extreme lengths to protect its exclusive upper caste character, is now going into an overdrive finding men and mantras to defend the Gita. But what was not expected was certain views of Dr.Ambedkar, quoted out of context, being cited to defend, obliquely, the philosophy of the Gita, in at least one popular internet magazine. Which is very disturbing, considering Dr.Ambedkar had clearly called the Gita 'counter-revolutionary'. It is also worth noting that it is the same magazine which had earlier tried to label Dr.Ambedkar's economic philosophy as monetarist, and as supporting free markets.  
What does Dr.Ambedkar say about the Bhagvat Gita?
please read the rest of the article here, at round table india. 


gaddeswarup said...

I found the article very readable. This seems to provide a quick introduction to related topics ( whether Ambedkar's interpretation is correct or not). Thanks for the effort.

Jai Gottimukkala said...

Kuffir, good article but what is the point you are making? The "oblique defense" you criticize quotes Ambedkar on Budhism, not the Gita. How do you link the two?

A related question is freedom of expression. How can we support banning any book just because we disagree with its motive or content?

kuffir said...

swarup garu,

apologize for responding late. glad that you find it readable. primarily, i see dr.ambedkar's approach as radically different from any 'correct or not' judgmental studies. he offers his interpretation, and supporting evidence, and as he says, people may disagree with him, 'if they please'. i think he has to be first lauded for adopting that very rational/reasonable approach, before we even start looking at the evidence he presents.

kuffir said...


well, you'll have to ask jagannathan about why he picked dr.ambedkar's views on buddhism, and not on the gita. if he had quoted dr.ambedkar's views on the gita, his support for gita wouldn't have worked. that is oblique defense.

the article does not talk of any ban, it only discusses the nature of the gita, whether it's 'extremist' literature.

Anonymous said...

Oh you sad you sad pathetic man. Grow up and get a life. Do something for your people and worry about today rather than crying about spilt (or is it split) milk.

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