the death of merit

This documentary is second in the series of our efforts to document caste-based discrimination prevalent in Indian higher education system resulting in large number of suicides of Dalit students in Indian campuses.
It is based on the testimonies of parents and family members of Dr Jaspreet Singh, 22 years, who was a student of Final Year, MBBS at Government Medical College, Chandigarh. He committed suicide on 27th January, 2008, by hanging himself on the 5th floor of his college’s library.
go watch the the testimonies of jaspreet's family and others on how a certain professor, and the indifferent administration of the college, drove him to death.

also watch, in the same post, the earlier documentary on dr.bal mukund bharti of all india institute of medical sciences, delhi, who was hounded by five, not one, casteist professors until his death in march, last year.

or, don't watch. if you don't wish to know that they didn't die of 'academic pressure', 'failed love affairs' or 'depression'. 


Anonymous said...

Thsi video is trying to infuse life into a dying dalit movement which has lost all creativity. Repeating same old abstractions about caste which has lost relevance.

Subbarao said...

How come lakhs of Dalit students are passing out of our educational institutions "Alive" if caste prejudice was so prevalent and if each and every Dalit was hounded because of his caste? I graduated from a well known college in Hyderabad and no I do not know of any Dalit who committed suicide because of caste prejudice. Infact many of them went on to get hired by top software companies during campus placements.

How is the following possible if the above aspersions are true?

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