some substance, much sentiment and lots more magic

7.2.10 Hence, while "organised sentiment" was nevertheless highly visible, the grievances of people were often of a general nature. These have been objectively investigated by the Committee and found to have substance on some counts but not all. The developmental progress of Telangana region has generally been found to be robust especially for the last three decades (see details in Chapter 2). However, objective investigation does not easily take care of emotion and sentiment. The present movement has provided people the space to articulate many grievances which are a result of recent development trajectories that have led to greater Hyderabad-centric development as well as deepening of some inter and intra-regional inequalities during the process of growth. Political inequities and the desire for a greater share in political power, combined with the feeling that the historic Gentlemen‟s Agreement was violated, feed into the movement. Popular sentiment easily latches onto well defined "enemies" (in this case the "Andhras") and magical solutions – a separate state of Telangana, which would automatically provide water, jobs and education.
elsewhere, the srikrishna report, also hints that it is 'robust' growth which has fuelled the separatist sentiments (and ambitions) of upwardly mobile groups in some areas (in north telangana, especially). the babri masjid tragedy was the consequence of a long chain of political decisions which upheld the superiority of sentiments over facts. for the lest ten years, the ruling classes have again started finding much logic in sentiments. brace yourselves. some magical solutions might soon hit you.


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Another e.g. of the 'superiority of sentiment over facts': Section 5.31.13, p291 - Is public employment a big
issue statistically?

"... statistically, if public employment as a whole is
not a big issue then the issue of reservation on the basis of domicile in certain
classes of posts under the state is an even smaller issue. However, in relation to Telangana, the issue has to be viewed in its historical context. Firstly, as an issue of regional apprehension or dissatisfaction, it had been in the public and political
domain ever since India gained independence. Secondly, public employment was perceived as a major area of employment opportunities, given the lower level of education in the area and the lack of entrepreneurial spirit in the residents of this
region. Both these factors have contributed to imparting a very strong emotional appeal to this issue. "

From the HM down to the students of OU, everyone's been going on and on about the 6 options, and not about the actual report. Sad.

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yeah. that's very true..

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