sharad yadav typifies all obcs....?

neerja chowdhury mulling over the hindu women's reservations bill, in the indian express:
It goes without saying that if an OBC male can win from a constituency because of a combination of caste and other alliances at the ground level, the party should be able to get an OBC woman elected for the same reason, if that constituency becomes reserved. There is little chance of a parkati urban woman from Delhi or Mumbai winning from Mainpuri or Madhepura.
can't decide which one among those lines, thoughts, is the least offensive.


Holy cow said...

This is almost certainly true on the other side of the coin too. There is little chance of an OBC woman from Mainpuri or Madhepura winning in Delhi or Mumbai winning from.

None of the parties committed to the women's reservations bill gave even 20% seats to women. Do Congress & BJP need legislation to enforce discipline in their own ranks?

anu said...

Impressed as always with the ladies in our media and the ruling class they reflect. Two sentences, and it packs racism, sexism and unadulterated elitism. The saddest part is that they do not realize the violence of their language and how much it illuminates the workings of their stunted minds, they are also convinced that there is reason and logic in what they are saying.

Kiran said...

i am sure hundreds of people will read the blog and will find nothing offensive about it ..such is the hold of caste in India.

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