sad that the telugus should allow 'higher' powers to manage their affairs. that they should celebrate their subjugation and call it freedom. that they couldn't share water, jobs and now cities.

i wish all telugus would ponder over the question: if delhi 'gives', and you 'receive', what kind of power do you have over your lives? some democracy.


SS said...

One hopes something good will come of this for the people of Telangana.

"Telugus"? That's a myth.

Anonymous said...


I get this.

Telanganites ..what kind of myth is this.

Showing servility to Nizam, didn't they oppress their own people. Now that they got representative form of govt, with 119 mlas plundering their own people, but only got problem with the remaining mlas of other regions.

Something will come out of these leaders. Talk about myths.


Kiran said...

hi kurfr,

i was gutted by this midnight decision of the "high command". Its a day of great tragedy for telugu people and tellingly illustrates where we stand in this nation.

I feel sad and guilty for not doing my bit for telugu society. I met C Srinivas now the self styled head of "Andhra intellectual forum" in 2006 where I mentioned the need to intellectually fight for united AP and received less than enthusiastic response. But they were too political in thinking and hardly realized the consequences of the systematic hate propoganda that is being carried out by telangana seperatists....they saw it as a political leaders issue. They failed to understand that it is now a social and cultural issue as well.

I feel guilty I did not plunge myself and settled for my career. We all have failed - coastal people, telangana people, rayalseema people. While what happened in telangana is horrendously tragic costal people handled it too cynically with over cleverness.

Now the centre is shitting on our heads.

Please write more posts on this.

kuffir said...


people don't die for a myth. on any side.

it's the indian identity- projected all through the last century as representing 'equality', 'democracy', 'justice' and 'modernity'- that's proving to be a myth, a hollow promise.

kuffir said...


race, it is now recognized, is mostly a social construct. i find it hard to appreciate racist comments.

kuffir said...


yes, most of what you say is true. yes, we need to need think and articulate dissenting opinions more.. i was hoping to launch an online platform for expressing all kinds of views, free of passion, a couple of years ago. resources and like-minded associates-- those were in short supply.

yes, chalasani srinivas and others like him have been part of the problem.

Kiran said...


I have thousands of dispassionate arguements which may appeal to people in many dimensions. Morover I have deep respect for people from all regions.

I am from kosta but my paternal grandfathers are from telangana and my wife is from rayalseema. I respect and enjoy all accents and nuances of telugu language.

All i seek is a platform..if you have anything concrete in mind please let me know.

SS said...


But you misunderstand me. I guess I should have written "irony" in brackets ...

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