it's not caste?

it's not caste, it's nepotism. malnutrition in india is worse than in sub-saharan africa: it's poverty, not caste? incomes in india, per capita, are better than in a majority of african nations. it's the population, not caste? china has a bigger population and lower malnutrition rates. it's democracy of course, not caste.

it's not caste? take a closer look before you rush to defend it. and why do you have to defend it so strongly?


sarma said...

malnutrition in india is worse than in sub-saharan africa: it's poverty, not caste?

How is it caste? Do we have any data to show that all the malnutrition effected children are from lower castes?

Vinay said...

If it is caste system please explain the 'System' - manusmrithi et all and how it operates. Strawmen arguments do not lead us to any solutions.

Kiran said...

Its of course caste. Anybody who argues otherwise is either brain dead or is evil.

PSB said...

@ Sharma,

u need to learn abc of data analysis..

Loads of data available from NSS(national sample survey),Planning commission, SC/ST commission, to name a few..

You may do well to go through them.. before you try to defends ur stand!!!

justicefordalits said...

Obviously its caste.
All these people cry foul about the reservation,though in India only upper caste have enjoyed reservation(they were perturbed by OBC reservation as there close to 85% reservation was about to be decreased to 75%).
The planning commission data(link on my blog) clearly states that 75% of the sweepers in govt. jobs are SC's and 6% st's.
Also it took 16 years(law introduced in 1993) to register first case in manual scavenging prevention law.

Anonymous said...

You guys are missing the point. It is true that most of the poor people are lower caste people. But it doesn't mean they were poor because of their caste. They were poor because their parents were poor. Their parents were poor because their grand parents were poor. No point in going into history to figure out when the cycle started.

The point is that it is not caste but poverty, population and pseudo democracy are the reasons why a poor person remains poor. In fact now-a-days middle class lower caste student has more potential to succeed than middle class upper caste student. Dumping everything to caste doesn't solve any problem except if you are politician you can use it to get elected.

rups said...

how do you explain that more than 90% of the population below poverty line consists of SC/ST. You yourself are saying that poverty is inherited, then how can you deny that the ancestors were poor due to the existence of caste. The poor/lower caste people never got a chance to improve their condition due to rigid caste lines which determined their professions.

Anonymous said...


Again, why do you so obsessed with caste.

When I say the ancestors of the current poor are also poor, it means exactly that..they were also poor. Period. Why do you inject caste into this?

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