cancel the licentious

She also shifted the probe focus to whether or not the pub had the licence to serve liquor.
sri ram sene needed guidance. of the temporal kind: the faithful were unsure about where is it okay to protect our sanskriti? considering, what the pub owners did or did not do seemed to be having more impact on our sanskriti than their own valiant efforts.

pub-disguised-as-a-restaurant and not having a license: is it okay to beat up girls there?
pub-not-disguised-as-a-restaurant-and-having-a-license: is it okay to beat up girls there?
pub-disguised-as-a-restaurant-and-having-enough-security: is it okay to beat up girls there?
pub-meant-for-lodgers-but-catering-to-outsiders: is it okay to beat up girls there?
pub-which-could-be-any-of-the-above-or-a-combination-of-any-two-er-three-or-something-else: is it okay to beat up and chase girls outside the pub etc?

the lord-disguised-as-a-lady answered: a pub or anywhere, as long as it's girls, with or without licenses. i mean,
anywhere without license, with girls, as long as it's pubs. let me do this slowly...girls anywhere, with or without pubs, as long as it's license...

s#$*...listen. girls, ok? beat. i grant you license.

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