right to insult and the right to be insulted

'yeh ma$&&^&*$&!#@ toh faqeeron ko bhi lootthe hai' that was the observation of an auto-wallah i'd struck up a conversation with, a few days ago. he was talking about the congress government in andhra pradesh.

one of the favourite replies of the chief minister rajasekhar reddy whenever he is questioned on any large deal or project of the state government by opposition leaders, mlas and other busybodies is: make use of the rti...find out if we've indulged in any wrongdoing.

if someone checks the records of the proceedings of the andhra pradesh assembly in the last four years or so, he/she would find that this particular response was used by the chief minister, and many of his ministers, in discussions on practically every major programme or deal of the state government. if elected representatives in assemblies get that kind of response when they wish to check files relating to certain actions of the government, what are the faqeers supposed to do with their right to information?

they'd need to ask aruna roy, i guess.

another related question, thrown up by the scam of this month: through nregp, one of aruna roy's other pet projects, almost the same amount is stolen every year (as ramalinga raju siphoned away in nearly half decade or more). ramalinga raju stole from people who have money to invest in the stock market (less than 2% of the country's population) while the nregp funds were stolen from people who sometimes have nothing to invest in their next meal (definitely more than 2% of the population).

shouldn't someone, big and powerful, be sent to jail for stealing (or helping someone to steal) from the second class of citizens too?

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