will obama be good for india?

here are the results of a snap poll held across the country:
hyderabad: both of us had grown up in hyderabad so we had lots to talk about.

hoshiarpur: i got several good proposals.. finally i chose him.

chennai: we met for the first time at my uncle's house in chennai.

lucknow: my parents spoke to his parents and we're planning to get married.. next month.

kolkata: when he..first emailed, i knew that we'd get along well.
all of them seem to agree: india, if you want a better match than obama, please go here.


Quirky Indian said...

Nice one....not sure if shaadi.com can provide a better match. In any case, the nit-picking invariably begins post-marriage, once the honeymoon's over. And I think this relationship will need some serious counselling!

Thanks for the blogbharti link, btw.


Quirky Indian

kuffir said...


'And I think this relationship will need some serious counselling!'

i'm sure it will :) and the matchmakers too. you're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Progressive Dalit from Dharavi: We met while scavenging a drain. We had a live in relationship for two years. When I finally got pregnant we got married.

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