slowing down reforms saved us?

if growth after reforms did not trickle down how would recession trickle down now? if shining india isn't connected to other parts of india, why should the samosawallah outside jnu fear the wall street crash? why should anyone who's never had a bank account feel safe now that our banks, because they're still in the public sector, are safe?

you're funny.


Anonymous said...

I came to your blog from MM's. I just read your post titled, 'A brief contextual history of the blogger, in the light of Islam (ism?) and literary spats'. I wish you were my friend or my friends were like you - I didnt get to celebrate diwali with them. Anyways beautifully written piece.


kuffir said...


thanks for the appreciation but i didn't write the post: 'A brief contextual history of the blogger, in the light of Islam (ism?) and literary spats' :). the blogger who wrote that is annie zaidi- she blogs at:http://www.anniezaidi.com/.

but how did you end up thinking i'd written that post, i wonder.

bvn said...

this is funny!! hehe why don't our newspaper editorials ask similar questions. I wonder if they are editors in that they didn't make the cut to be software engineers :)

Anonymous said...

Oh crap! I just followed links and since have been reading/commenting way tooooooo much these last few days should've gotten confused somewhere in there...Apologies!! I did read some of your other posts and they are good!! So the compliment part still sticks just the posts are different! I should go over and comment @ annie zaidi's too!!


kuffir said...


thanks. that's a valid question :). and welcome.


oh, it's perfectly ok. perhaps, you were doing a reverse columbus: looking for america and finding india. :)welcome to this blog. cheers!

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