headless chickens

'------- has already taken a decision to re-organise the Lottery Department. Intensive legal steps are going on to ban illegal lotteries. At the same time, steps have been taken to considerably increase in the lottery market of -------, the sale of ------- Lottery. The re-organisation package will include specific purpose super bumper lotteries, attractive prize structure, intensive publicity campaigns and more facilities to agents and sellers. In order to get registration in the welfare fund, the lottery sellers will have to sell ticket of ------- Lottery worth at least Rs.10,000 per month.'
doesn't that sound like a corporate honcho speaking? the signs are all there: power words like re-organisation, marketing mantras, promotional schemes, advertising campaigns, sales incentives, targets and carrots for the distributors/dealers. and who else would so shamelessly push a product like lotteries?

well, the speaker is not from the corporate world and the missing words are: Government, Kerala, State and Kerala. read the full speech here (the para quoted is from page 50).

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