sweetheart deal

mr.yechury on the centaur hotel sale: “It confirms our fears that a lot of underhand deals were struck. It is a classic sweetheart deal, where public property was sold at a low price to a person close to the ruling establishment”.

the marxists are big on notional losses. they still reel out figures on how much 'revenues' the 'people of india' have lost because of the reduction in tax rates since the good old seventies. so who should feel the sting of these notional losses? except for a few hundred people from the top 1-5% of india's castes and a miniscule number of dalits, i don't think anyone from any other community ever worked there. or were offered discounts when they visited or stayed at the place because they owned that 'public property'.

so the real 'sweetheart deal' happened when the 'public' of india, the bottom 95% communities, were not even told that investments being made in their name in this particular enterprise, long ago, would actually benefit 'people close to the ruling establishment'.

so who are stauncher hindutvavadis - the marxists or the bjp? the original 'classic sweetheart deal' mr.yechury, was/is the republic of india.

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