the unseeing eye

on a mountain pass
i saw this man on an ass
simple he was
simpler his aims -
he wanted
to blow up the buddha's ass.
why, i asked
there is no god but god,
he explained,
and we do his little chores
like branding barefaced women whores,
containing music, stopping sports
(and no chin should bear bare spots!)
but why the buddha - a statue rare?
i repeated my question.
like hillary he said, because it's there
an abomination
that's blocking my nation
from true salvation,
and going down on his knees
he prayed to god, please
my people
from temptations powerful :
letters are fetters,
culture is a conspiracy,
a woman's every footfall,
echoes the devil's call,
and the infidels all
lurk behind every football,
so saying, he picked up his gun
and fired one
into the sky,
and before god could reply
off rode the man with one eye.


Uma Gowrishankar said...

Hey, a good one! It for sure rang a bell as I was only yesterday looking at pictures of the disfigured gigantic sculptures/ reliefs of Buddha in Afganistan. Taliban went ban ban ban.

kuffir said...

uma gowrishankar,

thanks for your vote of appreciation . and welcome to this blog! cheers!

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